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A person who owns the Love of the people of the country should also have the right to rule it. Leader is the action not a position and 'Democratic Values' helps to manifest the action of the politician by consistent efforts and strategies

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We provide you with the Best Political PR Services in India. We build the public’s trust in you and help you lead the elections. As one of the top PR agencies, Democratic Values not only provides you with the best political PR services, but also assists you in developing your political personality.

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Many parties like the RJD, JDU, and Congress came together to form a Maha Gathbandhan, also known as the Grand Alliance, which is a coalition of political parties in the eastern state of Bihar in India, formed ahead of the 2015 Vidhan Sabha elections in Bihar. Democratic Values created and managed political campaigns on their behalf. Out of 243 assembly constituency seats in Bihar, our target was to conquer more than 70% of the seats so that we could establish a massive political victory. As we now know, the grand alliance of the RJD, JDU, and Congress grabbed power in the 2015 assembly elections.
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Our company was handling and monitoring 26 seats for minorities, out of which our 19 MLAs won by a major margin. Wazid Ali Chaudhary from Salmara South constituency won, and our company was monitoring his constituency also. We were working with him to lead election campaigning in Assam. There were many factors, like Anti-incumbency, and Hindutva ideology, but irrespective of that, we were able to establish our major win. Our Political Campaign was a big success in the Assam Assembly Elections 2016.


Our company, Democratic Values, contributed to and drafted the whole policy-making process in the Gujarat Elections 2018. Our company was handling all the policies of the former MP and general secretary in charge of Gujarat State, Rajeev Satav. Our main focus was to provide service in Gujarat by making suggestions to the state government or semi-government such as organising public speeches, conferences, seminars, and debates for public awareness and seeking suggestions for the betterment of public policies.


The Karnataka Assembly elections 2023 for INC. Our company, 'Democratic Values,' was monitoring 62 Constituencies; 50 seats in Mumbai- Karnataka Region and the rest 12 in the other regions of Karnataka. We have successfully won 45 seats out of 62, and this region was dominated by the BJP, but through our PR campaigning, the outcome was in our favour. In the Mumbai Karnataka Region, INC won only 16 seats in 2018, but through our innovative political campaigns, INC got 33 seats in 2023. 10+ Seat Margin Increased, and 27+ New Seats Added. Seeking to make corruption its central plank against the BJP government in the run-up to the Karnataka Assembly elections, we launched a series of publicity and PR campaigns targeted at the saffron dispensation. Posters with QR codes and pictures of Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, stating "PayCM,” sprung up across Bengaluru and the rest of Karnataka. Scanning the QR code took visitors to the Congress party site, giving details of the alleged scams of the BJP regime. The code also provided a mobile number, urging citizens to miss-call it to raise their voices against corruption. Our idea of the Political Campaign “PAYCM” turned out to be a Hit. The two big leaders, Satish L. Jarkiholi (KPCC working president) from Yamakanmaardi constituency and Siddaramaiah, former chief minister, were coordinating with us.Out of all PR Activities, this Campaign majorly impacted the youth voters and showcased the reality of the Corrupt Government. We also led the whole election campaign for INC on different grounds. Along with that, we made policies to have a strong grip on politics and the betterment of the Karnataka Congress.
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Data and Research analysis ​

Political Campaigns need proper research to be successful. We provide detailed reports before planning all the PR activities, their consequences, how many more supporters we need through surveys, and an estimate of the time duration of the PR campaign. It helps in creating a better plan for the candidate, increasing the chance of winning and leading the elections.

Empowered PR team

Impactful Political Campaigns and PR Activities require empowered teamwork. We can achieve ambitious goals if we work with a group of high aspirant members. They add value and act as an asset to the organisation.

Why Choose Our Political PR Services?

We offer the best PR services and find innovative ways to conduct various PR activities. For a campaign to succeed, we give our full efforts and ensure that our candidate always leads and positively wins the election. Every project is built to take you a step closer to winning the elections, and our candidate to always shine among the others.





Opinion Poll

A Opinion Poll records the individuals' attitude, opinion, mood, favoritism, and personal information, which is very useful for PR Campaigns. The data is then used to launch political campaigns, and PR Activities, to get the maximum support.​

ON -Ground PR Campaign

We give you the best political PR campaigning services with our team and strategic planning which will help to influence and interact with the voters. It will help you to increase supporters and gain their trust through consecutive PR campaigns in order to create a lasting impression on the voters.​

Social Media PR Campaign

Social Media PR Campaigns is done by publication on social media platforms. The following PR Activities can be done by posting video, photos and various positive posts on social media. It can engage the targeted audience and will make a great impact.

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