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A person who owns the Love of the people of the country should also have the right to rule it. Leader is the action not a position and 'Democratic Values' helps to manifest the action of the politician by consistent efforts and strategies

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 Political PR Agency in India

Democratic values is the accumulation of Political Strategy, Management and Execution of conversion of “Public to Votes”. Democratic values works with Prominent leaders on Perception building with a proven track record. The key pillars our group helps them set a Voters-centric agenda and partners with them to conceptualize & implement the most effective methods of taking it to the public and gathering mass support and most importantly conversion to the valid votes.

We have been serving the top visionary Politicians of India as their Strategist and PR consultant for 8 years in 5 different States . Our Company Democratic Values is one of the top Political PR Agencies in India.

Diverse Experience (Form North to South)

Starting from the politics of Bihar to Karnataka and to the politics of Assam, our experience is wide as we have come across the diverse culture and voter’s analysis in North to South , East to West prominent regions of India. 

Master team of Democratic values:

Our Master Team is the pillar of Democratic values. We have the best Digital creator,  Editors, IT and Artificial intelligence team, Ground Reporters, Data analyst, Campaign manager and our own Media house.

State wise Experience:

Our experience as a Political Marketing Agency in assembly elections is valuable.We have played key role in Bihar vidhan sabha election, Assam vidhan sabha elections 2016, Gujarat vidhan sabha election 2018, Karnataka vidhan sabha election 2023.In lok sabha elections 2024 we have recently worked  in Karnataka.Our consistency and a unique view to convert “Voters into Vote”through Political Strategy, Digital Marketing and campaigns is what made us “Best Political Advertising and PR agency in India”

Our Training to Political Party :

  • As well we make politicians voter’s first choice, also working as Political and Digital Marketing Agency.
  • As a Political strategist we provide training to party workers for Booth management.
  • We also provide training to the local leaders for their speech campaign and election promotion.
  • Managing the whole election for the party from opinion poll to exit poll till the day of the election we work as a Political Advertising agency also.

Additional Efforts:

Our consistency and a unique view to convert “Voters into Vote” through Political Strategy, Digital Marketing and campaigns is what made us one of most trusted and “Best Political Advertising and PR agency in India” We also keep record and work upon first time youth voters for the party.

Most important key factor for Election winning is the data authenticity and management of data which we have been offering since 8 years. This is also the best platform for the students who want to pursue their career as Political consultant. We offer the best internship programs as well, which is soon going to start from Mid 2024.

To Become voter’s first Choice as a politician. And to join Democratic values, You can contact (098013 61755 ) with us .

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